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Monday, August 9, 2010

Windmachine on max!

Easy to see that's going to be really windy today.

Went for a walk to and through the town. Most of the time I spend around the harbour. Walking between the fishing boats/fishing gear, have some chats etc..

Took the SOS "flying" fish 82. Waves and even the swell got blown away by the stormy winds. But when a wave/set came in.. it was time to fly. A great day for hangtime today! Especially down in the bay.

Refreshing drink.

It's empty on the water. No other windsurfers/kites.

Walked into a bonus whem I came "dead" tired from the water. Some fine foods in the evening! A sweer sugar melon with Serrano ham.

After that gambas with garlic

And to fill it up to the max there were lamb chops... (as much as you could eat)

As soon as I sat down next to the fire I fell asleep.

The new library in town.

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