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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A day as many others this holiday..

Started with a walk along the beach. Ofcourse I'm getting hungry ;-).. So walked a little further to my favorite bakery. I don't have to ask, they allready know my recepy..

A big coffee with milk, and a fresh orange juice

And a tosti. And what a tosti! A true filler with energy for the comming day

Old bridge close to the bakery with in the back the bridge that goes to the center of town.

This bridge is made by Eiffel, he also made the tower in Paris

Water time! surfing, kiting, windsurf... Above Fred from Swiss next to a nice tube. Normally I'm not so into the kite thing, unless they purely surf with it. Fred did!. (there are so many out of control "draggers"who only ride purely on their rail up and down..and produce that mega chop)
Joy to watch and fun to share waves with him

Private pool to wash the salt water off :-)

Walk around in the harbour

Refreshing Fanta

Spanish dynamite. Pimentos de Padron. Kind of a small green pepper. Taste like paprika .. super nice.But sometimes you get a "wrong" one... and your mouth is on fire. And I mean real fire!! The top photo wouldn't help. Put them above a fire with loads of olive oil, and afterwards ad some sea salt.

Empty beer bottle during sunset. It was another fine day..

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