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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pics of some old home made boards

My first windsurf picture. think it's 1985. Surfing on a home made surfboard. Made out of foam that they used for big freezers. Every year we made the board shorter. It started around 350 cm + sword, and it ended at around 290 cm.

1987, hollow wood board

I once mentioned that my latest board (the black fish) wasn't my first I made at home..
I had to dig deep in my old pics to come with some evidence.. I made enough boards to fill the house ;-)

I started surfing on home made/custom boards. My dad started to make them and once you get used to them a factory board was always a big step back. Had tons of magic boards... and seriously they were far ahead of their time. Advanced bottom shapes, super strong constructions, exotic materials etc..

At the garage with winfried. Adding extra stringers.

The time on the no nose boards

We also worked on sails. Sometimes we reshaped them, made them smaller etc..

This was in the time that Robby Naish ruled (He still does;-) Graphic inspired from his board.
Left board was lo wind waveboard, with deep concaves bottom, 4 stringers and a finbox construction that you could trust..

First sandwich board. My jumpmachine.. 4 stringers, beefy boxes...yup trifin!!. And sandwich deck. Added extra layer of ultra hard foam on deck. Saw it on a custom SailboardsMaui in a magazine.. so we had to try. The ricepaper decals I got by post from the Simmer brothers on Hawaii.

Winfried on the left. On the right the garage shaping bay.

First full sandwich kevlar/carbon boards.

Today Winfried drove by. He was on his way home after he visited his parents. In the back of his car I spotted the old "shape box" from back in the days... Tools, fins, kevlar and even the vacuum pump... wonder what he's going to show us ...

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  1. We gotta make some boards with theold time graphics again ;-)

    They are timelessssssssssss........