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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Stormy winds

Early in the morning walk with the dog. This guy is allready busy trying to catch his evening meal..

I start with a heavy breakfast. Eggs, bread and fruits. Spotted allready some wind behind the big pier..

On a sandpath I came across this pair of jeans. From a local who want a cool stonewash look??

What a flower!

Going back in time.. old bumpy stone roads. Nice for 5 minutes, but after half an hour you get dizzy by the shaking/noise..;-)

Wind picked up very very fast. Everybody went away from the beach. Sandblasting to the max.
My homie never surrenders :-) ... The dog simply always wants to be at the beach were we are, no matter what.

Stormy winds. A steady 8bft. Between the 2 piers we got an extra mega turboboost ;-)

other sailcolor, so time to match the drinks with it ..

After sailing till dark, time for some good food. Unlimited spareribs and a superb melon/feta cheese salad

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