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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pwa Sylt Day 5

Chillin chillin and chillin. Today the wind was gone. None of the three disciplines were sailed. I did some table soccer, some playstation 3 games and Chillin. Tommorrow the forecasts looks promising. First up on the notice board is the wave, so hopefully we'll get to see some nice action going on tommorrow.

Here's a picture as tribute to Baptiste who's insjured cause of Teahupoo. And if Freestyle has another double elimination, my first heat doesn't looks promising :P

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Facebook... I hear it everywhere... people talking about it, raving about it, asking about it etc etc.. blah blah blah
but what should a computer nono like me do with it?.. Try to find some forgotten friends? (do you really forget your good friends??)

But maybe it's fun, and is it easier to keep in touch with the people you allready know-that are out of town/on the other side of the world..

So I've to find it out also.
So I did my best (It took me some days to figure it out how it worked) and registered myself on facebook. What a stress

Took my best shot out of an old photobook. Cause it's al about the face... book
(text underneath: very angry, because the icecream wasn't big enough)

And voila... real friends that know my true name can find me now

Talk soon on the facebook ;-)

PWA pictures...

Diony had a very good result indeed. At the moment he's 10th after 4 runs of slalom heats. Here are some pictures of the man posted on the PWA site. The first is very artistic, the second is just cool 'cause he's in front...;-)

More pictures of the PWA at Sylt here.

Pwa Sylt Day 4

For me today was super chill. Today the slalom guys hit the water. Kind of the same as always Antoine was super fast and Bjorn too. A surprise was Diony who did really realy good.

I sailed for 30 minutes, but the wind was to light so we went in the Hottub to chill in nice warm water.

Here are the slalom heats.

Greets Paul

Pwa Sylt Day 3

Today was the day. After a few days of no wind the moment was there. It was freestyle time. Skippersmeeting was planned at 07.00 with a first possible start at 07.30. I was in the first heat so I had to be there early. It started really bad for me. I was sailing with 4.7 and after going back to the beach the wind was a little less. I took me a long time getting washed by the shorebreak. Because of this and the fact it wasn't clear if the heat started, we had to do a resail. As fast as I could I grabbed my 5.3 went straight through the shorebreak and sailed upwind to start my first PWA heat. My opponent was Andre Paskowski. Not the easiest. I had a really good heat landing almost all my moves I tried. Unfortunate I couldnt't beat Andre, but that's no problem. I'm feeling really good, cause I sailed good. In the double elimination I was less fortunate cause the wind wasn't enough. I had to land one more move and I had won, but the wind wasn't enough. No worries. The rest of the day was dominated by the Bonaire crew. Third place Tonky who beat Gollito. Than came the finals. Taty againt Kiri. Kiri won the single elimination. In the second they meet eachother again. Taty won the semi finals from Kiri so they had to do a resail for the finals. Taty was on flames. It was a long time ago he sailed this good, so he managed to win of his nephew. Taty congratulations with your first place man. You deserve it.

Now up to the slalom at day 4

Greets Paul

Sarah Quitta and me looking a little bit to much if I'm a model :P

Monday, September 28, 2009

PWA pictures...

A nice picture of Paul during one of his heats in the PWA at Sylt.

More pictures of the PWA at Sylt here.

Men's Freestyle Double Elimination Results

Sadly Paul's PWA debut has come to an end. Diony also didn't make it through in Freestyle. Curious to hear Paul's thoughts tonight, so hopefully he will share them with us.

To see the results click here.

Paul's debut in PWA....

For the people among us that understand German:

"Guter Start aus deutscher Sicht"

Unfortunately that means Paul didn't get through his first heat...

Autumn started very nice

New 2010 Hotsails fire/firepower arrived

American en German icons..

2 months ago my small compact camera broke down. I brought it to the camerashop, and after 5 weeks I got the message : no warrenty.. They found some (beach?)sand inside.. probably from maui ;-)
So this week I bought a new one. A newer edition, the Canon ixus 95is. I hope it will last a little longer.
As I moved to a new house, I wasn't able to have contact with te rest of the "world". No phone connection, no internet , my mobilephone broke down etc..
It was almost like 20 years ago, and to tell you the truth... I kind of liked it. Ofcourse there were downsides..working nonstop on a new house also means that you miss one of your favorite things..
being in the water with your friends.

But as now I call the house for finished (still got loads of work to do... ) there is more time to enjoy/relax. Last weekend it was finally time to do some "normal" things.
Testing the new camera, washing the cars, working in the sun in the garden, go with the dog to the forrest/fields, enjoyd linda's super cooking;-)

and... unpacking the 2010 sails!! (more info later)

As a bonus we had fantastic warm autumn weather.

The garage

Grapes in the garden
Zillion of butterflies these days

Mill at the end of the street

Sunday, September 27, 2009

PWA Sylt Day 2

Day 2 was kind of the same as the first day. The wind was a little stronger but to unstable to start the slalom. It took untill 17.00 when they announced that the salom heats couldn't start today. Well good thing for the freestylers as we all partied untill late last night. Tonight early to bed, cause the forecast for tommorrow looks good and skippermeeting starts at 07.00.

Greets Paul

Saturday, September 26, 2009

PWA Sylt Day 1

Well that was day 1. There was no wind at all, so they didn't even sail a slalom heat. Now up to day 2. The forecast looks like we maybe could get some wind. For now only thing we can do is
check out the premiere of Four Dimensions, the new movie, and party. I will not party to hard cause it's possible we have to sail tomorrow. The heats are made, check it out.

Greets Paul

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

PWA Sylt

Today the preparations started. 11 sails / 5 booms / 13 masts and 6 boards are packed for the 7 hour drive to Sylt Germany, were I will compete in the PWA. I will go there with two of the guys I started windsurfing with from the beginning Jochem and Michael. Today is all about packing. Tomorrow we will leave around 18.00. Than we will sleep at the train to take the first train at 05.20. Hopefully I have some connection on Sylt to keep you guys informed. You can check the webcam here.

Greets Paul

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Found some pictures......Ouddorp

I found a few pictures on Stehsegelrevue from my last two sessions at Ouddorp. The pictures show Maurice Both ripping (sadly I'm not even in the background of the pictures). The first picture is from the day of 40 knots....(a previous post) Click on the picture to see some more pictures of Maurice during that session.

The second picture is from an awesome day with north east wind last week. A steady 20+ knots. The tide was going down which turned it into 'lagoon'-like conditions with waves breaking at several sandbars. This meant comfortably planing and heading full speed into shoulder high breaking waves like with a reef. Airtime was guaranteed ;-) After enjoying the first sandbar, heading out further meant going full speed into (easily) overhead breaking waves at the next sandbar. I sailed until my arms almost fell off. Arrived home after dark, grabbed a beer and fell asleep on the couch. Proof for an awesome day. Clicking the picture brings you to some more pictures from Maurice taken that day.

I have no idea who took the pictures (except that the photographer of the second is called Rens), but I would like to thank the photographer for sharing these pictures.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Bolt

After waiting since Maui I finally have them. I present to you, the C5 Zeper Edition Bolt.
Upcoming thursday I will go to the PWA Sylt along with the Bolt 4.1 / 4.7 and 5.3. Tests will follow. First some pictures. Click on them to see them full size.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Glenn in Oregon....

Glenn having a nice session in Oregon. It looks like a lot of fun...

The Windsurfer - Oregon Session from Glenn Haslbeck on Vimeo.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

I'm going crazy...

There're all week allready hauling winds, nice waves etc..
People calling me with info about how good it was etc...

Probably I'm the only one with work....;-)
my normal work, working on my new house,- appointments with cable guys, plumbers etc
(and sometimes they don't even show up)

These days are hard for me. believe me. I notice it in in my mood (people around me also ;-)
I'm allready planning on a hard come/payback

And if my house is ready... probably the guys who are out on the water now all the time , will be the first that will finish the booze on my housewarming party. thanx guys for the help ;-) for you all I will fill some bottles with salt water.. cheers!


ps. can't even update this blog cause I'm allready banned from the web for weeks now..

Friday, September 4, 2009

40 knots....

Yesterday we had about 40 knots of wind. Usually this kind of wind means heavy conditions at the dutch coast. And yesterday wasn't any different. Logo high waves breaking everywhere (and sometimes hollow). Strong currents forcing you to sail upwind all the time. And off course there is the 40 knots of wind that can easily pick you up and send you flying. Sometimes you are in control, but sometimes you're not....

I went to sail in Ouddorp with a few guys. I noticed someone taking pictures, so I asked him if he was taking pictures of everyone. The response was 'YES'. But unfortunately no pictures of Ouddorp have showed up yet, so I'll have to do with pictures from other spots along the coast.

This is jeroen at Zandvoort. It's nice to see how ' messy' the Northsea becomes with winds like this. More pictures can be seen here.

This is Torben going straight for a monster. What happens next can be seen here.

Hopefully som pictures will show up from Ouddorp as well. Now it's time to loosen up the muscles again with a more comfortable 25 knots.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

As Winfried noticed the wind was really good last friday. I first went for a hardcore freestyle session. After a while I noticed the conditions were much better for wave, so I grabbed my wave board and hit the water again. It was a lot of fun with Jochem. Here some pictures made by Ralph Hagelaar

Wijk aan zee