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Sunday, August 15, 2010

God rays and frequent flyer miles....

Yesterday was a nice sunny day. We try to take a walk with Ella everyday and yesterday was perfect for a walk along the beach of a lake near to our house.

In the end of the afternoon some clouds came in. A nice view was the result. You could clearly see the rays of the sun. Also called "god rays"....

And today I had a nice windsurf session at Ouddorp with 4.7 and my SOS Classic 88. With shoulder high ramps it was a good day for collecting frequent flyer miles :-)

In the end the wind turned more onshore and it got choppy. After sailing for 4 hrs and with the wind increasing to 30+ kts, no smaller sails to change to (only took 5.3 and 4.7), it was time to head back to the girls ;-)


  1. Do I spot there the offroad/sand buggy ;-)

  2. Yes, you see it good! I have one too over here.
    You can borrow it...........


  3. Still need to check how it works on the cliffs in Bretagne ;-)

  4. je bedoelt: downhill en loslaten...daar ergens bij ronja's konijnen veldje. zal wel gang maken denk ik zo

    doe jij je rondje over de kliffen, doe ik wel rondjes op't water

    ;-) d