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Monday, May 31, 2010

And some more BZH..

Comming from beach after superb surfsession.

Rearview mirror.. pure gold!


Typical locals car.

*= can't give you al the details.. ;-)

Interview Sean Ordonez, new Paddle mag.

Today I received the dutch Surf magazine. With it came Hollands first sup magazine:
Paddle surfmagazine

Stoked to see that Sean got a full color 6 page interview talking about his passions..
surfing, windsurfing, sup and of course Paige ;-)

It was a nice article to read
I only missed a picture of Mocha ;-)

more BZH pics

The wetsuit dryer ;-)

Normally I'm not so into walking...
But here on the cliffs its fantastic. Walking for hours with amazing views and with no other people around.

Crystal clear water

View on my favorite surfspot(on a superb day), just a walk from the house

Rabbit hunting till the sun went down (22.30)

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Short trip to BZH

Went for a short trip to Brittany, aka Breizh (BZH) One of my favorite places. No matter what kind of a conditions, there will always be some great days.
Took the bus and drove early in the morning through a dark and rainy Holland/Belgium.
As soon as I arrived in France the sun started to shine and the temperatures rised. Finally!!

Unfortunately there was no swell in the beginning, but hey.. nothing wrong with turquoise clear water between high cliffs. Just easy relaxing windsurfing with some local friends.

Ronja felt at home in the rabbit dunes... Holiday pur sang for all of us

Local sea food? anyway you don't want to duckdive, and find this item on your head going up again..

I'm not such a flatwater blaster, ehhh normally with these winds (without swell) I couln't/wouldn't even windsurf... but these Hot fire power editions got so much pull that they got me going.

A nice "belly" in this wavesail

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Interesting Nemo view....

The same 'Nemo' board Glenn had the other day. Interesting fin set up....
'Nemo' in action.... Sailed by the creator himself.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Unexpected help..

Paul came straight from the PWA in Podersdorf/Austria to visit me (a loooong drive). What a luck, I was just packing the bus, so he could give me a help... hahahhaha.
He found my spidercrab hunting tools..
After sharing some pizza's he found the energy to drive his last miles home.

Thanx Paul for all your help. See you soon

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Liberation day

Liberation Day is celebrated each year on May 5th in the Netherlands to mark the end of the German occupation during World War II.
The nation was liberated largely by Canadian troops, with the assistance of the British and American Armies
Our 3 colors. Orange is our royal family color.

Luckely we had great weather, so the parties outside went on all night...
(At the end of my street was a music (eat/drink) festival with more than 130.000 visitors...)

But in the garden it was also ok.. Live music in the background and no stress to get your snack and drinks

Sort of turkish homemade lamb burger. Super tasty!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Nemo colorway

Above the clownfish. Below Nemo sushi ;-)

Last weekend I discussed with Winfried some colorways for my new board. Fading neon yellow into neon green, or as another option something with white and bright orange... as the SOS rocket 88. A Nemo fish...

Well yesterday I came across a picture of Glenn with a new SOS board in his hands...
and in what color??........

Monday, May 3, 2010

sport QUATTRO's

Yesterday I went with the bus to my friend Erik for a engine check. He serviced en spiced the engine up for next weeks travel. If someone got knowhow on cars, engines etc it's him. You could almost say that he's a combo of McGyver and a state of the art Formula One team.

When I arrived he was working on 2 ultra rare original Audi sport quattro's from 1985.
The Audi sport quattro was a car developed for homologation for Group B rallying in 1984, and sold as a production car in limited numbers.

A total of 224 cars of this "short version" quattro were built. So do your best and try to spot one..

To reduce the weight of the car, and to strenghten it up they allready used carbon/kevlar for the body shell and parts.

here a movie clip that goes back in time..

Hmm.. would this engine also fit into the bus?