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Monday, August 16, 2010

Trip home..

Almost out of free days, so it's time to pack the car and travel north. And as the bus is
not that mega fast travel machine (and offcourse we don't that have to "rush home" feeling..)
we always enjoy that ride through the beautiful area's.

Some fine swim places in the forrests of North Portugal. So sad to hear and see that there are so many people are trying to destroy such nice places. People are still so easy with their trash and the most bushfires are made by humans...

From Portugal we take some very small curvy mountain roads into Spain. From green northern Portugal we arrive in the ultra dried out yellow mainland of Spain.

A very old wall

But if you search, you can also find in the heat of middle Spain some nice places to cool down.
Here at small lake to have a swim. (actually we saw along the road a small sign with "beach" written on it.., we had to check that out..) Superb shadow places to have a nap+snack.

Our place for the night. no neighbours..

Driving through the heat of Spain

The nose of the train..

Crossing high mountain passes.

Endless fields of sunflowers

View from the train :-)

The co-pilot keeps an eye on the road too

At the gasstation in Spain. At the most places they got superb tapas and bocadillas (super sandwiches..)

In the South of France we took the small road along the coast. Visited some classice "surfcities"
as Biaritz, Hossegor etc... Sure nice places, but I prefer those places in spring/winter/autum. Way more relaxed/better surf. Now in summer that whole south coast of france looks like one big tourist trap. And the "surfer style" look is the big money maker.

Our favorite french bakery along the road where we always stop/camp.
St.Vincent de Tyrosse. A quit nice place, just 15 minutes away from Hossegor.

Driving through the evening sun in France heading north.

2 days later we arrived home safe. waves... no wind... wanna go back!! ;-)

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