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Friday, August 13, 2010

Damaged sails..

A nice day with stormy winds. Especially at the end of the harbour, between the 2 piers

After a while I saw a sailboat comming from the open sea. Still with al his sails to the max. Outside on the ocean there was a solid windforce 7, but I guess at that time between the piers we had a force 9 with gusts. So when he came in het got that "surprise"..

The boat also turned nonstop around it's ax.. 30/40 rounds..
Did they have problems with steering?

Asked for help at the lifeguard at the beach and sailed to boat the check it out. when I arrived there I saw that the ends of the broken sails had broken the windows and many other polyester..

They gave me the thumb up, so I assumed it was under control.

After some time the boat went on his engine into the harbour. A pricy entrance..

Shrips with garlic in boiling oil/on a hot plate

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  1. De rode baron rocks! Het blijft toch een gruwelijk boardje!