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Friday, August 6, 2010

The big pier

Lighthouse at end of the big pier. You can enter that pier from the north of town. Nowadays closed for cars, couse some have been washed away by waves... Some people sometimes
just don't think clever ;-)

On these pics you can see the lighthouse in the back. The first years I came here that pier was shorter.. so you can imagine how that influenced the waves. On the other hand, the spot can handle even bigger waves now

Close-ups from the beach

Recycling of an old boat. Its second life is a chicken house. Salty eggs?

Energy drink with fire logo in same colorway... How nice is that!

Evening session

Probably the safest colors on the water

We drove in the evening to Porto to have a dinner and watch a movie in the cinema.

And what a dinner!! Probably the best meat I had in these holidays. Brazilian picanha. Super thin slices of super juicy beef.

Yup, we finished it all... But than they came with a new "stick"... :-0
We had to throw the towell into the ring...

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  1. I like the dolphin's tail in the Hot sails ;-)
    greetz marcel