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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Queensday ;-)

Orange crown flower

Nice way to celebrate our queen. Waves in the backyard

Walked into the supermarket, went through the magazines...
nice picture of Thierry in that same backyard


Guest in the crown

inside of the bottle.. orange

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sea time

A typical Swedish breakfast... Loads of salmon with dill (both fresh of course). Can't get enough of it.

Blue skies, superb temperatures. So there's only one thing to do: Sea time!

Path to coast



The red/brownish color on the houses is common!. Classic!. It's called Falu red

After a day of doing.. eh.. nothing, you starting to get ;-)
So time for another Swedish classic... having a bbq somewhere outside in the nature.


Water was nice, clean... but for me way to cold to have a swim. Some local "vikings" could handle it.. (about 6 degrees C.)


Hotdog for the chef

Walking home, with a little sunburn..

Salted butter

While David and Linda enjoy their days in Sweden we heade down to Brittany to check things out. In dutch we have a saying: "Met je neus in de boter vallen (falling with your nose in the butter)", which roughly translates to: "being at the right place, at the right time". It's spot on for the days we've been down here in Brittany. For two reasons. First, off course, the famous salted butter from Brittany. But secondly, because of the sweet conditions we've been having here, since we've arrived. It's been warm, sunny and a little bit windy. But more important, the wind is side off and there is a nice swell, making it exciting and loads of fun to be out on the water. The waves vary from sufficient to easily overhead, with some of the biggest sets almost reaching mast high. I've seen quite some trashed sails and masts, but my gear is still intact (despite several 5 to 10 waves washing machines). Although the waves should slowly be decreasing in size, the forecast still looks good until Thursday. So let's see ;-)

The famous salted butter from Brittany

Our crib ;-)

Not very crowded.... even though the French have holidays too.

If look closely you can spot a few sails and some stand up paddlers.

Not just a lucky shot, just an average set for easter monday.

Winds blowing the tops off..... smoking waves!!

And to finish it off: local sausages and lamb chops.... hmmmm nice!!!

Forecasts look good for next week too, so hurry up David ;-)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Stone pits around the corner

If you ever wondered where stones like these above came from..
Well, they were cut out by hand in these former stone-pits. Hundreds of people were cutting down the solid rock into smaller pieces

Here they re-used an old stone-pit. They turned it into a harbour

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter!

Chocolate hedgehogs next to the chocolate golf balls..

Nice sign

Everywhere those feathers..a typical tradition

3 sorts of salmon + 3 sorts of haring + a table full of typical swedish snacks + snapps = passed out on the sofa ;-)