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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Summer?? weekend wet n' cold..

One solution to bring the summer vibe/heat in the house. Spicy thai food + thai beer.

Great wind forecasts(but also alot of rain..) They're not sure about the direction.. southwest? west? northwest?.. , so I didn't go to the coast. A long drive and arrive in onshore conditions? No way, so I went to Stavoren. A nice place at the ijsselmeer (big lake)

A nice drive along some small roads. Some obstacles on the dyke roads..

Yes we still have august (summer!!).... this temperature is not normal!! never seen these low temperatures around this time of the year.

Sailed some hours in nice 5.3/4.7 conditions. Dry, sun, some short showers but steady strong winds. At the end of the day the rain became to strong (you simply couldn't keep your eyes open) so time to get the clothes on and jump in the car

The harbour in Stavoren

After the rain comes the sun

Bought some fishes (raw haring) at the local fishshop and had a fine meal at home


  1. 8.5°C!!!!!
    I did a nice Kona session today in Goulien: shoulder high waves, sunny weather( 20/21°C) and 10 to 15 knots side/off ...
    So here it's cool and not cold!

  2. Pierre, think I've to visit you soon!!


  3. You're welcome: you're a lucky guy, so we usualy have good conditions when you're here!
    May be you should consider staying in Crozon all year? Lol!

  4. Pierre,
    I'm working on it...I'm working on it..
    think my blood is also alittle breizh ;-)