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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Same spot 18 years ago (1992)

(now they call it a pushloop, back than it was a tisted ito wind backloop)

For Paul and Cornelia. The good ol'times..
I made some digi-photo's of some old pictures. For sure you will remember these days, we talked about it ;-).

No crowds (and no kites ;-), the big harbour pier was shorter, no cashmachines etc.. (stress to get money at the bank .... ehhh also no Euro.
Main food was spagetti.

Sails with dual batten system, my biggest sail was 5.3, home made boards

But also nonstop wind and waves

Think this last juli came close to that summer in 1992 (wind/waves)


  1. Cool pics, spent my holiday that year guincho!
    I remember a lot of washing and efen more chicken jibes!

  2. Nice pics David, in those days was a backloop even called a backloop or still a barrel roll?! Nice colourfull Simmers too, luckily we have the Superfreaks now!

    Keep 'em coming, hard gaaaan!

  3. t's nonstop hardgaanaaa!!
    wanneer doen we t weer eens samen? classic!!


  4. Gheghe,

    Vandaag nog wezen langplanken op Wijk (niet Classic maar toch lekker). Binnenkort de Witchies ophalen en dan maar weer eens samen hard gaaaaan!