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Monday, August 16, 2010

Barn find, SDB's sit down boats

Fresh in Holland, and I allready scored some new watertools. A classic barn find. This time some vintage kayaks. Build in 1982, but still ok for the job. Picked them up and brought them home.

After some intensive cleaning I found some spots that need some glas and resin. That's the job for the comming evenings.
Together with the kayaks I also got some old water"road"maps. How nice is that! Treasure maps with Holland's finest hidden canals, ditches etc..

Ella's first fin. Nop Winfried this is not for use under your board ;-)

Flower at dining table

Pasta just as basic and tasty you can get... Fresh made noodles, some butter, some cheese and a few drops op ketchup.


  1. aahh, you don't give me the time to do a post about Ella's present ;-)

    So many things tot do, so little time to do it...