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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

4 fins @ a lake, does it work?

My 4 small fins board works superb at the sea with nice waves to surf on. But what about flat, choppy water.. still that sensation? We got some wind so we headed last minute to the flat waters.

Where others had to walk through the undeep water (sandbars..) I allready could sail ;-)
first points for the 4 fins..

The water at picture above and below is about 30 cm deep.. sometimes even less.. It's a tricky spot. Not crowded cause a hit with a sandbar is common. (aka catapult alley..)

During normal sailing I couldn't find any advantages. A single fin does most things better. But it all has to do with the board shape. You don't need an ultra loose board in the chop. You like it secure, steady and grippy. But fun it brings. If you want faster you have to go for a slalom board with a racing sail

At these places you always spot the latest prototypes. 2011/12 model?

The board is wide/short, so it jumps/loops better than a slalom shape. But this has nothing to do with the fins...

Erik, one big fin and a wide board...

Yup, this is flatwater sailing... ;-)

Erik again. In his elements with his Firepowers

Small bbq at the weekend. Lambchops with a nice melon salad. Just as in the holidays...

Just had a fine weekend. No matter what board you sail/how much fins/or at what place, it's just about sharing the fun with some friends.

4 small fins are superb at lo-water spots full with sandbars........

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