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Sunday, October 31, 2010

My 2 new boards are ready!

One for the storms and one for the magic days..

Should be about 85 liter. V/double concave, 4 fins, square tail.

About 70 liters volume, made to be in control during the storm days. Twin fins with extra sidebiters to ad more grip when you want it. Build strong to last

Carbon rails.

Why I used Sean's logo? Well just to support a friend! More info here

In the meantime I smelled something nice in the kitchen

Kind of a muffin with pieces of banana inside, topped with choco creme and white choco "hail"

final waterproof sanding of the bottoms in the rain.. result below

100% ready for use now :-)

Sauerkraut made with apple syrup. It doesn't look tasty but believe me... it is!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Local pool

Last summer the pool in our town's skatepark became a new paintjob. Came across this picture and it is if you're rollin' in an aquarium

(unfortunately the government gave it allready a new basic grey coat...)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


If it works for him, it should also work for me.. ( I hope at least)

Fresh spinach, chicken, mushrooms, paprika, unions, chili pepper, garlic...

Monday, October 25, 2010

Insane conditions Vlieland

Last saturday it went off at Vlieland. Robert is checking out that wave right in front of his face..
Photo by Karel. More pics here

Milky bottoms

Yesterday evening I took the new boards from the garage into the house. Overhere it's a little warmer so the laquers will harden out better. The milky white bottom came out nice, does make the boards look fresh. I'll let the boards dry this week, than sand the bottom(speed"pro"finish), make the fins fit and mount the straps.

I'm happy with the outcome of the weights. Think the smaller (70) liter board is just below 6 kg, the (85) around 6.5 kg.

From saturday I"ll give them free to rock! Can't wait to try them. Think yesterday I allready could use that 85 perfectly. Compact, wide turny tail.....

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Superfreak "tammo" pro model

Tammo came with a sail with his own picture... Cool!
Talking about self promoting ;-)


A nice sunday at the coast. Went for some windsurfing and from time to time the waves were superb! Days like these we could use more. After the surf I took the camera and went for a walk along the beach.

Martin again, nice floater with a backloop in the back

Frank scoring some points


Surfer and windsurfer share some sunshine


Bad luck

There must be gold in that boat..

Sunny Zandvoort in the back


Thursday, October 21, 2010

White paint

Went for a surfsession to the coast. On the road, but also on the spot bizarre weather.
Wind on/off and changing directions, gusts, heavy rain and hail showers..

But what is more important. There were some nice waves and nice rides were possible ;-)

Aaarrrggghhhh cold fingers... sometimes the feel in my fingers was totally gone.
In the car I saw the actual temperature.. hmmm not so strange . Wonder what the windchill temperature was

In the night the boards got their final paint stage. I was out of black and clear 2 components laquer, so I grabbed white. When the laquer is hardened out to the max ( 1 week, it will become harder than the epoxy) I'll give it another sandpaper treatment..
Why?... answer aka, speed/pro finish ;-)

With the paint on it it's easier to see the bottom shape. Deep concaves as on my 100 liter SOS

Monday, October 18, 2010

Skid and pads

This morning I added some skid and footpads on the new boards. My dad always used kitchen salt, and I never changed that recipe. With the right laquer it stays grippy for years!

Superb forecasts. Wednesday got my attention...
Unfortunately the new boards are not ready in time. Both bottoms need still a paint job, and the laquer should at least dry a week to get its full strength

Boerenkool with worst.. A dutch winter classic to ad strength/energy