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Monday, October 25, 2010

Milky bottoms

Yesterday evening I took the new boards from the garage into the house. Overhere it's a little warmer so the laquers will harden out better. The milky white bottom came out nice, does make the boards look fresh. I'll let the boards dry this week, than sand the bottom(speed"pro"finish), make the fins fit and mount the straps.

I'm happy with the outcome of the weights. Think the smaller (70) liter board is just below 6 kg, the (85) around 6.5 kg.

From saturday I"ll give them free to rock! Can't wait to try them. Think yesterday I allready could use that 85 perfectly. Compact, wide turny tail.....


  1. They look sweeeeeeet!!!

  2. wait till you see the finished product.., or better.. tried them!! :-)
    Bet you wanna make a copy of that 85/4 fin board
    Let the wind begin after next weekend!!


  3. Order, Order!!!!!!


  4. Ziet er schitterend uit David!
    Wat is de OFO van je 85 ?

  5. ofo tail= 35 cm(buitenkant rail) hij is er nog een beetje tucked. 34.5 puur de bodem.
    zal morgen de bodem fijn schuren, dan klaar!
    laat het maar waaien!!
    (groen licht vanaf hawaii gegregen kwa design/shape/logo's :-)))

    groeten david