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Thursday, October 21, 2010

White paint

Went for a surfsession to the coast. On the road, but also on the spot bizarre weather.
Wind on/off and changing directions, gusts, heavy rain and hail showers..

But what is more important. There were some nice waves and nice rides were possible ;-)

Aaarrrggghhhh cold fingers... sometimes the feel in my fingers was totally gone.
In the car I saw the actual temperature.. hmmm not so strange . Wonder what the windchill temperature was

In the night the boards got their final paint stage. I was out of black and clear 2 components laquer, so I grabbed white. When the laquer is hardened out to the max ( 1 week, it will become harder than the epoxy) I'll give it another sandpaper treatment..
Why?... answer aka, speed/pro finish ;-)

With the paint on it it's easier to see the bottom shape. Deep concaves as on my 100 liter SOS


  1. Sweeeeet!!! Was je nog een beetje op tijd thuis gister? Was toch wel lekker tussen de windstiltes door ;-)

  2. na amersfoort was het lekker gasgeven. en varen in golven is altijd lekker, wind of geen wind.. gewoon het beste ervan maken ;-)