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Monday, July 5, 2010

My new board, the black fish!

1,2,3 short snappy turning

grip in foam

Superb sitting down surfing ;-)

Ok, enough testing.. Time for some marketing blah blah ;-)

My new board. I wanted a kind of a true fish (windsurf)board. So no compromis or in between bla bla.. Goal was a board on which I could easily float and can pick up those nice waves in lo wind/offshore conditions (as I get alot in Brittany). Very short smooth turning without dragging/stopped by the rails..

Of course I needed volume (100+ liter). As I don't got a shaping computer.. I had to do it by hand, true shaping. I guess the result/outcome is about 90 liter. Hey I'm proud it's handmade ;-)
Eps foam, sandwich, glass bottom, carbon deck+ extra layer of carbon/kevlar, multiple 2 components coats.

As for the shape I looked to my favorite shapes/boards and some own ideas. Of course most influences came from Seans boards. Cause those are the best I ever surfed. I took the front rounded rails+nose from the SOS rocket 99/92. The overal look/rail from the rocketfish 82. The tail of the Guppy custom boards.
The fin positions I got from Glenn his latest Quatro custom board. The rockerline comes close to the serial Quatro tempo. This board I made is overal flatter. Boxy deck around mastbase to ad volume. Bottom: overal a slighltly V

I'm honoured that Sean gave me the green light to use his SOS logo.
SOS stands for Sean Ordonez Shapes, I gave it that little twist ;-). And you know why?? People just duplicated/stole his perfect SUP shapes without any notice.

Boxy deck to ad some extra volume

You can play with the fins. Twinfin, some extra side biters, or bigger

Oh boy, and the result is perfect!! It turns so smooth

It likes to fly

floats over lips..


  1. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!!!!!


  2. Damn that is insane. I don't know you. (are you from brittan of holland? butt I like to read your blog! Did an internship at hotsailsmaui.. But really awesome that you shaped youre own board. looks really good! Have a good holliday!

    Aloha from holland, Jip

  3. Hard gááááán!!!! Superziek board man!! Zin om er nog 1 te maken ;-)

    Geniet er van, hoe lang zit je nog daar??

    Aloha vanuit Nederland,


  4. Awesome job mate!!!
    And you're a lucky man: it seems you got wind and waves on your very first day in Viana!

  5. Christobal de DiqueJuly 5, 2010 at 10:27 PM

    David!! ouwe painis! lekker bezig! ziet er muy bien uit! Enjoy! vooral het mooie Galicia! hoop je boardje snel te zien! Abrazo
    Chris-tobal de Dique - el unico

  6. @Jip, officially I'm dutch, but I'm sure there is some Breizh blood in me. At least that place got a secure place in my heart. Been in many places over the world. liked a lot but when I have to choose... it wil be 29! Mix of everything. nature, people, life, culture, weather, feelings...

    Jip, It's not the first board I made. when I'm back home I will dig in my old photo's to come with concrete evidence ;-)

    @robin. ben er nu een weekje, plak er nog 3 achteraan. tot nu toe nonstop wind en golven. board is perfect. zat te azen op +100 liter maar de festool maakte snel korte metten met het eps. zit nu rond de 90. ik kan er perfect op dobberen, dus eigenlijk dus ideaal kwa volume voor me. Ik kan je verklappen dat ik de echte SOSjes hier nog maar sporadisch pak hehehe.

    @Pierre. WE MISS YOU!!! it's classic overhere. almost like a reunion. Al the original are overhere (besides ana and winfried, but hey they will come with a uber Viana"result" ;-)
    Paul and Cornelia just arrived.

    @Christobal. kerel het is weer eens fantastisch.. hoe kan dat toch??

    @win,hou ons op de hoogte he? tussen de nabesprekingen van de dag komt jullie "Viana result" altijd hoog in de agenda ;-)

  7. Dave, board ziet er fucking ssmmooooooooth uit.
    Echt geweldig. Sta te popelen om eens te testen. Volgende winddag spreken we af.
    Groet Robin T3.

  8. wow gaaf verhaal en mooi board!!!

  9. HOLY DAVE, wat sick!