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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Board nr. 2 got his carbon rails

Noticed that I was out of epoxy, so I went to my favorite supplier. Duursma in Wolvega (small province town a little north) Not a big company with all the fancy clean interiour, but one with a gigantic hall where you can walk around to look, touch and find what you're interested in.(At least I could..) In the meantime you got the sounds of people who are repairing boats and the smell of polyester.

Ofcourse I went home with more than I needed. Luckely I could resist to buy some more major ingredients to build another complete surfboard.. And they were out of pvc sandwich foam-so had no choise ;-)

In the evening/night, board nr.2 got his carbon rails.

Talking about tails...
Can't wait to try it out. Wonder how it feels in the water. One thing is for sure, the boards are getting really strong.

One of the things you can do in your livingroom. But don't let drip the epoxy on the floor..
I love ikea! ;-)

Food of today. Pasta with beef and veggies

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