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Monday, October 11, 2010

Oxbow switch wetsuit (test - try out)

For some time the guys of Oxbow contacted me if I was interested in testing a new line of wetsuits that they are working on. Well I allready got some very good wetsuits (O'neill psychofreaks), but hey.. lets check out the difference, and maybe wetsuits just get better and better. I'm happy Oxbow asked me, and I like to help them

Didn't here from them for a while, until this weekend..
They came with a 3x3 nozip full wetsuit, taylor made in Japan. Made of the latest most flexible/warmest Japanese neoprene. The suit is a prototype, and not on the market (yet..)

Windproof upperbody

The burning skin inside. A top insulation in the whole suit.

Pre bent legs/body.
I'm ready to hit the water!!

1 comment:

  1. The pre-bent construction adds up more body grip and that's just unique for the suit.