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Monday, October 4, 2010

Nice sailboat

Got a call from Erik. It's summerly and windy, so let's hit the water. Packed the car and hit the road. Southeast wind means: wind in the back.. ;-)

I arrived suprisingly fast in Stavoren. It was almost summer. Erik was allready on the water. Sun, blue skies, great temperatures and a breeze..... that went down. Hmmm summer in the autumn+wind.. neh just to much great ingredients that simply don't mix

Went for a walk into the nearby harbour. Spotted this beauty!

Hmm, could easily live on this one.

Final day of the season for the local bar/restaurant at the waterfront. We went for a quik bite. A pancake cheese/bacon

Mastfoot high waves

Living lawn mowers on the dyke

When I drove home I spotted zillions of teabags in the air.

My once favorite surfspot Mirns is turned into .....

teabag crazyness

Feeling sorry for that windsurfer in the middle

Remeber when we surfed here. It was always empty with a nice vibe. Now it was completely overcrowded. Stress, and cars parking everywhere...

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