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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sanding the carbon rail

Perfect weather, so what's better than to sand outdoors..

That's me with the small board. Stoked!

Colors in the garden

I wanted to make a smooth, visible/feel.. flow between carbon rail and deck.
This is not a cutlap construction. (Swop surfboards got some nice examples of nice carbon cutlaps here and here!. )

This is a stronger double layer construction. So it was a matter of carefully sanding. Sean's rails were a perfect example. Nice craftmanship, that you don't have to hide with a thick/wide pinstripe.

Sean's rail (really perfect, I can't come close)

Close up of my finished rail. Think it looks nice like this. I'm not going to cover up with a wide pinstripe, or a painted deck. Think just a thin white pinline, so you can still see the flow of the sanded carbon

Now it's time for a bbq and some beers


  1. Looks sweeeeeettttt!!!!

  2. Hmmmm, just had a second look at the first picture...... Where's the dustmask for Ronja ;-)

  3. Gast.... maak je voor een heel weeshuis plenkies?
    Wat zijn de specs van die needle dan?
    Greetz, Torben

  4. Win, Ronja just jumped quik in front of the camera to get some shine. during the sanding she is far away, chewing some lamb bones.

    Torben. gewoon 2 plankjes om wat te proberen.(materiaal wat in huis ligt op te maken:-) Deze kleine is puur voor de hammerdays/storm! dus 4.2/3.7 full power. Classic control en hard gaan. Twin met extra sidebiters voor tractie als het losse je te gortig word. 225x54, litertje of 70?. concaaf into hele lichte dubbelconcaaf, uilopend in concaaf/vlak. Zal nog wel wat piccies smaken van bodemshape/rockerlijn(


  5. The artist formerly known as David?!!

    Looking good! the board I mean ;-)

    Let the autumnstorms arrive!

  6. wat restjes opmaken hahaha
    Ik heb mijn 77 te koop gezet en er komt een 83 voor terug.
    Daarna eens kijken naar een kleiner plenkie eronder

    Gr. t