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Sunday, October 31, 2010

My 2 new boards are ready!

One for the storms and one for the magic days..

Should be about 85 liter. V/double concave, 4 fins, square tail.

About 70 liters volume, made to be in control during the storm days. Twin fins with extra sidebiters to ad more grip when you want it. Build strong to last

Carbon rails.

Why I used Sean's logo? Well just to support a friend! More info here

In the meantime I smelled something nice in the kitchen

Kind of a muffin with pieces of banana inside, topped with choco creme and white choco "hail"

final waterproof sanding of the bottoms in the rain.. result below

100% ready for use now :-)

Sauerkraut made with apple syrup. It doesn't look tasty but believe me... it is!!!


  1. Funny, in the pictures the smaller board actually looks bigger. Must be optical illusion.... But they look sweeeeet!!!!

  2. Schweeeet looking boards, now the proof of the pudding....

    That Sauerkraut must have gotten you over the hangover. True, doesn't look the best (like my home made pea soup of yesterday) but will cure the mother of all hangovers!

  3. Yup think optical.. cause when you put them on the ground I got scared. The smaller one is smaaallll... thin also. It brings me the feel of the small/thin "hot" board that did the job fantastic.Shape is almost identical.. sure less no-nose shape, but bottom/tail/flow outline is similar. It got that longer"gunny" outline. The bigger board is shorter-wider but above all also some centimeters thicker ;-)
    But we simply have to try them!!


  4. Right in time for the next days... Nice work!

  5. They are beautiful. Thanks for showing the progress and now the finished product.

  6. Well done bro!
    And according to Windguru our testing-grounds are getting ready too! thursday for example is looking good for all-time favourite Wijkiki! Well, Autumn is kicking in these days, so give me a call when you start-up the V8! Take care buddy. Chris

  7. Thursday wil be the day I guess..... count on me.

  8. Awesome work David!
    And the cooking looks good too! Lol!
    The forecast is perfect here for the week: it would the place to test you new toys!

  9. Arf Arf, gonna check it out, If I can make some free days in a row it will be Brittany for sure. we've to catch up soon