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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Construction site

View from my bedroom early in the morning. We got a new construction site. They're working on the new hospital.
Fire in the sky!

Right now I'm working on the carbon rails. Hard to get it smooth and even. But hey.. the resin cures right now so can't change it anymore. The carbon rail should ad great strength/stiffness(right flex to the board). Nowadays you see it comming more and more on surfboards (parabolic carbon rails..) - not so on windsurfboards. Don't know why... Sean Ordonez did it with my 3 boards, I like it alot, so give it a try myself. Props go to Sean ofcourse.

In some days I will sand it so that there will be a smooth overflow with deck and bottom. After that a thin layer of normal glass to cover deck+ rail and smoot it out.
(normal I laminate the kevlar/carbon deck direct with a layer of glass. way easier sanding. this time I followed another route-tried to save some weight)

Went to a nearby Sailmaker. The leech of my sail needed some modifications. He recently moved and now he got himself a very nice place close to the water.

Forrest time

Tracks of wild pigs. Actually they are great food ;-). The forrest is full of them!
Here a small movieclip of the animal, so that you know what we are talking about

play dead..


  1. Looking good!

    Maybe here is another weight saver:

  2. Topblog, echt mooie foto's... Het ziet eruit alsof je het ware surfleven wel te pakken hebt.. nice en respect!

  3. robin, thanx for the tip. heard it also on the news. mor efor hi-tech elctronica stuff I guess ;-)


    hmm.. ware surfleven te pakken? Tis meer t gewone leven van genieten en je dingen doen waar je blij van word. (binnen je perken en kunnen/haalbaarheid natuurlijk)
    Nu we nog rondhuppen op aarde kan het nog ;-)
    Thanx for the kind words