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Sunday, July 25, 2010

A vacation day

Long walk in the morning. This particular day was around 05.30 ...!! Beach patrol.. in search for a lost surfboard on the sea the evening before (nop it was not mine, but every help is always welcome)
Superb surf!! Been more than 20 summers in Portugal, but this one was the best for surfing..

Cruize with the bus. go for a little shopping

Loads of seafood overhere.. so it's hard wich one to choose

Bacalhau, dried and salted codfish.

In the evening a fire and bbq


  1. Aloha! Je bent weer online!

    Groet uit Tripli.

  2. of wel Tripoli.

  3. Yup, je ging te vroeg weg met je laptop... dus moest even alles voor mezelf houden ;-)
    Trippie naar huis ging ok. T was t contactpuntje. Kijk uit voor buiklooop in Tripoli:-) Anders geen goede hap straks in duitsland..