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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Time for a drink, ... and tuna

first goal: get hungry during the day. Easy, all day windsurf!

Paul and Cornelia scored some monsterpieces of tuna...

Nice with some veggies into the Kramer grill

A Local Superbock beer. Must say a very very fine beer

A healthy beetroot salad and the vegetables

The food/fish tasted superb.
Getting really thirsty ;-) So time for some caiparinha's

First some nice fine crushed ice. got some icecubes from the bar


Enough lime..

Fine crushed ice

Some fine rhum and cane suger. If you mix the right amounts you get the magic...

End of the evening.. empty bottle, and I saw things that weren't there..must admit that I spotted the full moon... (but instead of the moon it was just an street-lamp etc..)


  1. and the next day with a towel on your head...

  2. a classic.... but not this time.., cause fine waves;-)

  3. Next year maybe also over there.....
    Playing around on the beach with the kids en biking in the mountains with Paul and Cornelia.

    Greetings from Oisterwijk.

    p.s Winfried, are you already a dad?

  4. DAVID, don't make too much advertisement!!!Salamalikum.

  5. Do you see any names about the place/places??.... on the other hand I like to share some waves,places with people with the same stoke/passion. Sometimes I was sitting totally alone in the line-up.. Sharing the stoke with same minded people isn't that bad. Hey, maybe it's harder for you to share the bottle of rhum ..hahahhaha.