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Saturday, July 31, 2010

New surfing center Viana...

Luziamar, the old disco.... a very nice building

above: sketch of the new to build center

Viana do Castelo is getting a new high performance (what in a name....?) surfing center.

I allready noticed it. They cut away a nice piece of forrest just behind the dunes.. and started to work with tons of concrete.
Don't get me wrong here.. It's nice to see that the government gets involved with the surfing sport.. but why this place.

here the full story + drawings:

200 meters up north there would be perfect other location. A old abandoned disco/nightclub. The Luziamar.
A very nice building that's standing there for more than 10 years empty.
Why didn't they use that one... Re-use of an old nice building and saving some nature.

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