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Monday, July 26, 2010

Been surfing

Rainbow sprays (hard to see, but o so nice to watch. especially in the line-up)

Long tunnels, 2.5/3 meters.. , somewhere in northern Portugal.

Yup, thats me. scored superb surf. happy and stoked

This isn't coral, but just sand. Tiny animals make it underwater. impressive work
Ronja on the dry reef. Mostly looking+ eating little crabs and sea mussels

Me again.

Erik in front of beach

The rocks that show up when the tide sinks.. Sometimes tricky surfing but worth the risk

A basic evening bbq

Some healthy green

Some fine green. Think also healthy

The evening. Clear skies, and if you want you can surf the whole night. Not me.. way to tired, tomorrow there will be another nice day


  1. Llewellyn (Southern Surf)July 26, 2010 at 10:51 AM

    Excellent blog, really love your new black fish board!

    Enjoy being a dad, my daughter arrived in January and I still get to windsurf and surf! But children are just as much fun!

  2. Thanx Llewllyn.
    I couldn't update the blog for a while because I was far away from computers/connections.Now I'm in web territory again, so comming days I can drop some pics I took.

    Winfried is becomming dad around these days,not me. (ehhh think I got a brown hair 4 legged 5 years old kiddo..;-)But true I think a baby isn't a restriction to enjoy your life anymore. Oposite, it should bring even extra!

    The nwe black fish is insane.. got a dilemma now, maybe I need more of them.. maybe one smaller. Bus the car isn't big enough to carry more


  3. "If a baby isn't a restriction anymore to enjoy life"

    This means that you are (practicing)to become a dad!!!!!!!!! Congratulations David.

    ps. Does Linda already knows...... :-)

  4. Hey Erik, every healthy man is always "practicing".... Hope you're healtthy too :-).. It keeps you flexable;-)