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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

up to boardsnapper place...

Get up early breakfast. Cornflakes with some bananas to gain some energy for the day. And it is quik, you don't have to walk to the bakery for bread.

Took the car to go to a surfspot north, in the direction of the spanish border. Cause swell picked up rapidly.

Some fresh juicy snacks

When we arrived we were alone.. and also for the rest of the time.. wonder why;-)
Oefff, Howley mowley... Big waves came in, real crushers.

A long empty beach. The hills in the back is Spain

On the pics it's hard to see, but these hollow slammers are average 4 meter. In the back the bigger sets break. Very hard to paddle out, no channel

ai ai, looking nice. many fine thick tubes. But also countless thick closeouts. So no options to come around or to duck away

The place was like it's name: boardsnapper. I didn't want to take the risk so I choose wisely, drove a little further for a more mellow but perfect break. Saves energy and maybe a board;-) So much more days to come..

Mexican blanket resin tint

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