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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


After remodeling the house for months in my spare time, today I finally had a moment to think about my board shaping ideas again. I headed to a local surfboard shaper called Arnaud Bezat A very relaxed guy with French roots.

My main goal was to see his CNC shaping machine. And I have to say, I 'm sold. I've gotta use that machine soon. He has used it only for surfboards, so we gotta figure out what size we can fit in there, but regular waveboards should easily fit.

It's got some mean looking teeth ;-)

But the results come out nice. Some finishing by hand and Bob's your uncle....

He told me he made this board with black pigment for a pinline artist. The guy is gonna finish it off real nice I guess....

And now up to bed for a good night rest, because if the baby stays comfortably in my girls belly for another day, I could have some well deserved watertime tomorrow morning....

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  1. Nice story. Hmmmm think got enough boards now... but hey... a bigger copy of my latest one... or something smaller... why not give it a try! ;-)

    back home, so time to build something again hahahha