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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Broken wheel bearing

Some strange noises came from the front wheel.. Something with the brake or bearing?..
Anyway, time for "mcGuyver" Erik to lift the car and check it out.

Bad news! a broken wheel bearing.. you can't drive further with this one.

With a minimum of tools we had to solve the problem. Hard part was the inner ring of the bearing. But with a Dremeltool in the car you can do alot...

Nicely cut and took it off

I've got many spare parts with me in the bus. So also a new bearing.

To put it on without force we had to heat it up! Paul came to help with his beloved Cramer grill

warming up the bearing

Voila, it went on smoothly

New outside ring into wheel

Bought grease EP2 in Town. Also found a new bearing that goes as spare one into the bus agian

Everything mounted together

And a nicely turning wheel again!!

Well deserved snacks after the job


  1. david Mc Gyver, the combi magician!

  2. zehr gut!


  3. Wow, i had no idea it was this easy. Rad! Also, love the wheels.

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