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Monday, July 26, 2010

SeanOrdonezShape Guppy 85 + loop seq.

Out on the SOS Guppy 85 today. Carbon/bamboo. Such a fine board in every way. Surfing pics made by The Picture above I really like. It's just a basic jump from the back of a small wave, but the colors make it. Board got same colors as rocks from the pier, and the sails looks like a wing

Going into the air.Not much wind in front, but always fine to fly

This is the board. A true beauty that could easily hang in a museum of art. Thanx Sean! They are so special to me, I got to unleash them also ;-) No wallhangers for me..

Break, homemade fresh mint tea

Even a simple jibe with this board looks like an extreme carve.. spray that makes a waterskier jealous

Healthy food in the evening. (yup it's not only sweet what I eat). A nice sort of pasta with veggies

Desert: banana's on fire.. add a little sugar that turns into caramel.


  1. Ziet er vet uit,en dan bedoel ik niet die pasta! Kon ik maar weer daar zijn!

  2. ziet er goed uit DAVE , Viana is gooed!! Staat de LUCIAMAR toevallig te koop?? top spot voor surfhostel!!

    Aloha Andre Sparke!!

  3. Dre, Luzia staat al tien jaar leeg. nu een spook pand. toplocatie... (maar ze vragen nog steeds de hoofdprijs ;-)
    Maarrr nu naast de campground zijn de bezig surfstation te bouwen, wat denk je??? soort van Hostel... joh.... hadden we t er al 20 jaar terug niet over .. dat plekkie??

    nog nooit zo'n goede zomer hier gehad. wind, golve, rust etc

    hastalapasta! david