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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

a typical summerday

Warm weather, sunny sky, very light offshore breez, nice calm sea to swim in..

Went for a walk along the beach. Hmmm Nice waves are comming in.

Because it was a weekend all kind off beach toys came out of the garage.

Ok... They showed me there was a little wind. (typical local offshore afternoon thermicals)
As it was to warm to just sit around on the beach... I had to do something. Hmmm.. ok lets play on the water. rigged my 6.0 sail really full-- in a no wind position, "borrowed" a big volume board (a 110 rrd freestyle wave)

Ripped the wave's as they were 2 meter+ ;-) But had a funny day.
Sometimes some really nice sets came in. 10 turns full planing with an aerial as desert..
(the main reason I needed footstraps that day...otherwise I went for surfing)

Ouch, what turns that board bad... so sloggisch/heavy..far away fom that light crispy surfy feel I'm used to.
Gonna make me a good working 120 liter windsurf true waveboard for these conditions...

Nice food in the evening. Above a spidercrab (It's spidercrab season) Below a o so nice gamba in whiskey sause....

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