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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Another great summer day....

This day started out as the perfect surfing day. Nice offshore breeze (some pictures were allready posted a while ago). In the afternoon, the breeze picked up and we went to the windsurfingspot around the corner. The wind blowing almost full offshore.

This day turned out to be my biggest mistake of the holidays. I had been surfing for 5 hours, having a lot of fun. Unfortunately, when the wind picked up, I was so tired I could barely stand up. Resulting in maybe the worst day of windsurfing in a few years. When I finally got myself together the wind died.

Anyway, we got some nice pictures of David.


  1. think I was this day also on Linda's big board..
    Should change to my own.. but due to the lo-tide the walk was to far...
    We've been many many hours on the water that day...


  2. Nope, checked the rest of the pics, you were on your 100lts Guppy....