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Monday, June 22, 2009

Hollow balsa surfboard

When Winfried arrived, he also brought in some work ;-)
He was working on something special. A hollow surfboard totally made of balsa wood. The 'frame' inside is also from balsa. If you use Balsa the right way it's ultra light, strong and you can get the right flex/response out of it... (I can't tell all 'secrect' construction details overhere..)
To get an idea of the frame inside : below a picture of a wooden board we made more than 20 years ago.

The rails are made from 'massive' balsa, so that you can shape them as you want.

The shape room. Just outside in our garden. Fresh air as much as you want. Sounds of the birds and the ocean (just a small walk away)

Below the laminating room. Yup also made from wood.

View from the 'glas' room. Yup that's LaPalue/Lostmarch. The testing grounds of the boards..

There's only one way to refresh after the epoxy fumes. Drink some beers and grap a board and walk to the beach..
The shaper/builder in his element ;-)
Always nice moments... talking about ideas, comming projects etc. We will come with something special for sure!

The Bug thought that he landed on a piece of fresh wood/nature product. A perfect compliment!

Super light!
The final result! Nice perfect working boards and happy woman... what do you want more?

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