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Tuesday, June 9, 2009


La Palue lo tide

Above pic made during lo-tide(Lostmarc'h) . Right on the rocks you can see the high tide mark... 4.5 meter difference!. So surfing overhere is also about timing...
Yup... very tricky cliffs... there's no easy way out(windsurfing) during hi-tide. Water is pounding against the rocks/cliffs. You stay away for sure ;-)
On the other hand, If you go surfing.. the current takes you out to the open sea at a speed thats even illegal on the German autobahn. Sounds great huh.....

well... It can happen that the waves are too big. And those waves are the only way to come in again.... you choose

below, LaPalue hi-tide
Below a overview pic of LaPalue. Surfing there between the high cliffs makes you feel small and fragile ;-)
Heard many horror stories about the rocks around Hookipa.... Think they should check it out overhere. No place for errors at all!

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  1. Hmmmm, being in hospital makes me really want to go back to Brittany or maybe even better: Maui..... pffff

    Hopefully in a few days I can go home