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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Copycats....killing the aloha spirit

Today we found a thread on a SUP-forum that pissed us off. Off course all of us think surfing, windsurfing and all related sports are all about the aloha spirit. We are all one big family. But apparently every family has a few rotten apples.

A few posts ago I already wrote that Stand Up Paddling isn't really my thing. Standing on top of one of those boards with a big paddle in your hand is already quite a challenge. I just prefer to get my forward motion and my balance from a sail instead of a paddle. But looking at pioneers of Stand Up Paddling, like Laird Hamilton, Dave Kalama and Sean Ordonez, in double overhead waves deserves a lot of respect. These guys aren't just Stand Up Paddlers, they are real watermen.

Sean is not only a waterman, he is also a very very very good shaper. He shapes for all kinds of watermen and women. Windsurfboards, surfboards, tow-in boards and SUP's for guys like Kevin Prittchard, Kai Lenny, his WQS surfer girl Paige and a few awesome guys that paddle into jaws. We consider him the best shaper and defenitily the most allround shaper.

Besides all this we got to know Sean as a very passionate shaper. Trying to push the sports further. A real inspiration. It is a joy talking with him about surfing, shaping and lots of other stuff. We consider him, Paige and their dog Mocha dear friends, that's why the thread we found today really pissed us off. Honest guys like Sean and Joe Blair with the ultimate aloha spirit got screwed over by some money horny jackass called Jeremy Fry. For the inovative shaper Sean is, this wasn't the first time...... Let's at least hope it will be the last time!!!!

Read the whole story here....

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  1. When I read the whole storie the first time .... I felt almost from my chair. My blood started to boil etc.... Yup.. I became pissed. A friend got screwd again!
    Then I looked at the data etc, It played in the time we where overthere. Sean told me that he stopped with the sup... but never really why...

    Sean, if you just told me what played...

    Now I realize me even more how happy I'm with my new boards-all the contact we had -the true spirits we shared on maui.
    I've Sean seen working on his boards... it's almost love. Yup love for foam, resins and of course the ocean. I bet it continues forever.
    Real watermen got warm hearts and just surf between the rotten apples.

    This story made me even stronger realize why I choose to ride the SOSboards.