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Monday, June 15, 2009


Found the trash above early in the morning on one of my favorite beaches. Ofcourse I cleaned it... They guys who left it were very lucky that they were allready gone.... Cause I was in the mood to give away some "breiz punishment"
Ok, I like the pure naked fresh feeling of bare feet surfing..... but for safety I wear surfboots.
It happened me just to oft that my day got screwed by a cut/hole or so in my foot. To many dangers around the water and under it..

Found in hawaii a pair of surfshoes that gives me the barefeet feeling. O'neill superfreak 2 mm tropical boot. Thin for a nice feeling, flexible-but cut proof sole... no insulation so you feel the freshness of the cold water

Nice thick heavy rocks on the beach. (during hi-tide they are under water...)

suprise between the sand dunes.... auch!

A not so easy walk beach.. full of sharp things

razor blade sharp shells.

and than we still have the sharp reefs, fishes with stings, rocks rocks and rocks under water...

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