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Monday, June 29, 2009

Madnes festival Ameland

Last weekend we went to a small/cozy 3 days festival (MadNes) on a smal Dutch island called Ameland. Besides the "normal" themes like : music, party, drinking, fun etc... there was also surfing! So a must go for us ;-)
Joost came with his car+trailer full of material so that the people could try out/see the Hotsails Maui, SOS boards, Witchcraft boards etc..
We would help him with the job ;-) Of course it became also a kind of Maui/ Zuidwest6 teamrider meet.

This island got superb surfspots for most wind/waves directions. So we will go there back for sure... From now on I'll wait for that Northwesterly storm that turns to west/southwest..

With the bus on the ferryboat. I was that friday so tired.. Think I felt asleep everytime I shut down the engine of the car. Luckely I made it to the boat in time.

Had A nice pizza with Joost and Vanessa. Afterthat a looongggg sleep behind the dunes. There was a nice campingplace walking distance to the festival terrain.

Below some pics during the day. A very nice/cozy terrain on a nice location. 2 main tents with music, culture and activities. Also a miniramp for skateboarding
During the night it was absolute parytime!! The roof went off!

We spend the day at the beach. The weather was great.
wind could be better to give better demo's/free surfing but for people who wanted to try it was ok.

Paul in a world of his own.

Checking out the 7,0 Superfreak

Friday east (sideshore) force 5, saturday 4, and sunday became hot with a force 3 breez

Great food cantina's and a very relaxed atmosphere

Paul got himself a new sponsor : DAKINE, so he felt so free to use the bus during the fotoshoot.
So who shine's the most? The bus or Paul ... ;-)

Torben and Paul going for airtime!

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  1. Sadly, due to the recovery from my illness, I could only join them saturday afternoon. But even during this relatively short stay, I could feel the great atmosphere surrounding this cool festival. Hopefully next year we'll be back....