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Monday, June 22, 2009

Easy and nice weekend..

Summertime in Holland. Time for another weekend trip! This time we went to our nearby Ijselmeer (big lake) The wind/weather forecast wasn't that great but they were wrong...
Linda could sail the 5.3 fire, and I was on the 6.0 firepower.

Found myself a perfect beach chair/bed... a supersoft deck of a catamaran with waterview. As more clouds came in... and for even more comfort I took a boardbag and went in it...
perfect sleeping ;-)

The typical landscape with dykes that prevents that the water come in our houses...

At Molkwerum we met some friends. They stayed on a small local camping, we joined them
(normally we go for the "wild"camp) It became a very nice meet with loads of fun, stories etc..
Ofcourse we went all together on the water.

Mini vw meet. we 'had" to do it with the oldest Van....
I really like the T3 Vw van.. they still beat the t4/t5. A true future classic. If I had more space
a T3 Syncro 16' would be on my wishlist

Linda found the speedstrip! Just behind the islands full of birds.
In the meantime the beast went for the mouses , rabbits and rats

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