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Monday, September 20, 2010

Wijk aan zee, windsurfing

Went windsurfing at Wijk aan zee. Nice conditions. It turned out to be one big reunion with a lot of friends. Nice to see you all guys!! Non stop smiles on the water.

Paul trickin' non stop

Ouch.. don't know what happened here


The real double sandwich. Eps, thin glass, hard foam, thin glass, hardfoam again and UDcarbon
+ thin glass. Should be strong enough for jumping!

Fcs finbox reinforcements. Carbon that goes to/through the deck sandwich. Next sidebiters will be minituttle boxes. less work ;-)


  1. Food is looking good, as always ;-)

    Nice seeing you three at Wijk yesterday.
    (did Linda snap, by accident, a pic of me?)

    Keep the blogposts coming! Hmmmm, now I'm hungry.... thanks (again)

  2. Robin, No pics of you and your supernice Superfreak (is it the Talma edition?) Rain made it hard for the camera.
    Nice to meet again, next time with some drinks/bites ;-)

    greetings, David

  3. Let's fix my JP!!
    The carbon stuff looks good!!


  4. We will give your broken JP another round ;-)