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Sunday, September 26, 2010

sat 25 sept IJmuiden, windsurf

Great forecasts for windsurfing. North winds and swell that's picking up fast. So packed the car the evening before. At 6.15 I started the car. Easy cruising over the empty roads, listening to some radio and eating some sandwiches. Felt like holiday. Full moon, a sun that starts to come up. I love the early mornings!

When I arrived at the place IJmuiden I first went for a walk along the beach/dunes. Besides me there were 2 other early guys.
Superb nice north winds(perfect side shore), and some nice waves a little south at IJmuiderslag.
Rigged my sail, took my board and went to the water.
During the day the wind turned some times, dropped some times etc.. but all in all it was a superb sailing day. Time to time super nice waves. Loads of fun and stokeness with some friends.
Around 16.00 it was time to pack and head home.

No pictures of the sea/action. Because it was just to fine to stay in the water. Robin came by with his camera, so if there's something on it I will ad them later. Winfried's gopro cam was never really close ;-) ... (in the car)

Here some pics of the area

Yup, this one is made solid



  1. The picture of the lighthouses rembers me about the time when i was little kid. That's because my grandpa was the lighthouse keeper of the small lighthouse and they lived in the small houses next to it. I remember me when i watched the windsurfers true the upper window during the NW-storm.
    The good old time when there where no Kitesurfers at the horizon! ;-)

  2. kerel, die crib nog in familie bezit?? fijn plekje ;-)