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Sunday, September 19, 2010

2 days at Ouddorp....

Last Wednesday and today I went to Ouddorp. I decided to take my GoPro again, to shoot some footage. Last Wednesday the conditions were great, but somehow my GoPro fogged up. I also need to get used to aiming the camera, because the footage before it got fogged up was basically just blue sky and clouds. It was aimed too high :-(

Today I had it all set correct, but I decided to not start filming in the beginning, because the forecast seemed very good for the end of the afternoon. So I wanted to save battery and space on the SD card. This was a mistake, a big one!!! Because this is what happened:

I went out, had a nice feel in the sail and when I reached the outer sandbank I spotted a nearly perfect ramp. About shoulder high, perfectly smooth face and space in front to gain some speed. Just when I took of I thought: why not try a backloop? And before I knew it, I saw the water coming at me. But this time it took longer before I hit the water. And then I realized I had done a full and perfect rotation. I was stunned, froze and then let go of the sail. Damn this felt good, I am gonna try it again and then add a perfect landing as well ;-)

But I never found that kind of wave again. The others weren't steep enough, or I didn't have enough power in the sail...... Damn, I should have turned the camera on right away. At least I had one witness..... Thank you Midas!!

Wednesday before the camera fogged up. But way too much sky ;-)


Some airtime today.

Trying another full rotation, but the take off just wasn't steep enough :-(

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