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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tropical Germany....

When we bought the buggy for Ella, we received a voucher for a free stay at a holiday park called 'Center Parcs'. We could choose from several parks in Holland, Germany and Belgium. Just too bad we couldn't choose one close to the water. We decided to use the voucher anyway, to try out what a trip with our 6 weeks old girl would be like. A good test for our trip to Bretagne in October ;-)

Most of the parks were in fairly known areas, so we decided to head to Germany. Close to Winterberg to be exact. The main difference with the other parks is the landscape. The area called Sauerland has some nice hills, and in winter it can be a great place for a skiing weekend as it is only about 3,5 hrs drive. Just one tip: don't ever go to the holiday park we went, at least not when you are paying for it. It's expensive, the food sucks and the whole strategy is based on keeping the people inside the park despite the beautiful nature around it. And don't even ask me about the other people in the park, aaarrghhh..... So for us the bungalow in the park quickly turned into our bunk for the night and a place to run away from during the day ;-)

Although the weather wasn't our friend these days, we had a great time. We didn't do that much walking as we planned due to heavy rain and we didn't get those stunning views due to fog, but the food, the beer, the villages and the few walks we did take made up for it.

The tropical inside garden with restaurants, entertainment, supermarket, tropical swimming pool, Irish pub and loads more..... Too bad it was all fake, bad quality and very expensive!!

Like I said, the weather wasn't our friend. It's sometimes warmer here in winter :-(

But there was joy as well ;-)

My birthday cake!! I am just amazed with the size of the fork, because this truly was a big glas of beer and a huge piece of cake. But the fork makes it all seem quite small. However, it does explain why I finished the cake so quickly ;-)

Good food!!

Wurst, Wurst, Wurst..... Bockwurst, Bratwurst, Currywurst. We tried them all.

Even in this picture you can see the fog. Imagine how it was at the top of a hill.

It has been good weather for mushrooms. Pasta al funghi anyone?

All the villages had these classic style houses.

And our little girl had some R&R as well ;-)

Now lets get ready for Bretagne!!

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