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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Summerly september

After a long time of wet and cold weather we finally got back to the summer.. (at least for a weekend) So time to grab the frog on wheels and cruise along the local rivers together with some friends. Picked up Frank from his house. He lives upstream.

In the evening we got company from Winfried, Ana and Roy. So a last minute bbq was the solution.

The day after I went to Tim to pick him up. He lives downstream at the rivermouth (Kampen)
Cruising over the empty dykes, walking /hunting rabbits in the field, just enjoying the surroundings we live in. Realized that's not that bad here when the sun shines ;-)

Hungry in the afternoon, so time to make some fire. This time some fine beef burgers are on the menu.

Tim's legs

Sun+ smoke in the garden

Frank came by to pick up his bike. But after some seconds we was allready sitting in a chair with a drink in his hand ;-)

Picture went wrong, but it gives you an idea of what we had..

The frog with shiny eyes in the evening

The co-pilot this weekend...

Tim came up with some nice things. Cool shot glasses and a book about the Schwinn sting-ray bikes

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  1. What a sweet day it was. Looks like today was just as great as the day before. I guess we' re defenitely living the good life.