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Monday, September 20, 2010

The beauty of a nice autumn day

Nice warm pancakes in the early, cold morning. After the breakfast a nice walk in a nearby forrest. Our Autumns are known for its bad weather. Cold, wet, windy etc.. but at the moment that the sun comes through, the empty forrest is a superb place to hang out. Fresh smells, millions of colors, enough wildlife for the dog and a food supplier ;-)

(note: don't pick/eat mushroom if you don't know which one to choose.. I'm not that smart either, but got that Swedish "bushman" with me ;-))

Talking about relaxing...

The fire mushroom

Forrest fruits (these are not ready yet, we only pick the black ones)


Swedish/Thai corn cookies with a sweet/spicy sauce

The swedish kitchen princess

Thai soup with duck

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