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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Weekend: biting dust, but also some good snacks

Time to bite some dust. Had to smooth out the new shape and get away with that excess epoxy resin.

The electric tool is nice, but for the fine feel you still have to sand with your hands, cause you dont want to go through the laminate/weave.

Kevlar is a bitch.. Here I sanded just too much resin away. It's the part under the feet where I added extra reinforcement layers of carbon. Due to the height difference its hard to get an even surface. Glued on footpads will take it out of sight (I hope)

In the evening it was time for some fine drinks and again some food from the fire..

entrance of my headache (what I got now...(the morning after)

Surprice in the oven. Chocolate cake!

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