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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Stress release....

Today we went for a fine/classic windsurfing day to Wijk aan Zee. Sandblasting conditions. Nice winds(35 - 50 knots)...and waves up to royal over mast high..

Time to test the new Hotsails fire 2010!! 4.2 fully powered, but always maximum control.
Holymoly what a superb sail!

Winfried took a typical dutch combo. The orange SOS88 with matching superfreak...
Yup.. he's such a fashion boy ;-) He's even got a sail with pink?!?!?

My weapon of choise. Sean Ordonez's guppy.
wet dreams do come true!!! Bamboo + carbon+ all Sean's magic dust in one board!

Winfried had a serious cold. But we heard that the water overhere had a special "foamy stuff" in it that would heal his throat...... Wonder if it works ;-)

view to to beach. At the end of the pier very nice waves. side on winds

if you turn around on the dune.... you see this: steelfactory+ mountains of coal..
Does the foam have anything to do with this..
the rigging place is always fulll of coal dust. Nice that the 2010 Fire is available with a black mastsleeve/top.. It just won't get dirty ;-)

On Maui a basic pickup does the job,
Overhere the Volvo estate is the choice.... Fully loaded ;-)

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