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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Low or lifted... (hot rides ;-)

Ever since I had a license to drive my matchbox cars on the kitchen floor, I’ve liked my cars low. I think it must’ve come from leaning on the little die-casts too hard. As an adult, I still like them low. Take this Karmann Ghia. This car doesn’t have fanciest wheels or the craziest paint’s just low. Yet this car is still cool as hell.

(lifted maui ghia ;-)

People who own big trucks are typically the first to say that,"lowriders are for guys who cant get it up." To them I say "lifted trucks are for guys who cant get layed." Seriously though, I don’t see why the whole high/low issue has to be so polarized, but we all have our desired vehicle ride heights. My preference is trucks high, cars low.

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